Main Hall - Neuadd Beasley


The hall has a floor areaMain Hall with Stage far end 10m wide x 16m long, plus a stage 5m deep x 7.5 m wide.

The sprung oak wood flooring is ideal for all types of dancing and is suitable for various activities , such as martial arts, keep fit, concerts, play groups etc.

There is a Changing Room each side of the stage, each with its own toilet facility.

The hall is capable of accommodating up to 225 people seated (concert style) or 150 people seated at tables.


 There are two storage rooms leading off the hall, suitable for regular users to keep their equipment.

Reverse view of main hall with emtrance doors and Kitchen hatch far endThere is an embedded audio loop in the hall to assist those with hearing difficulties.

The hall is equipped with a professional sound and lighting system, including one remote and four cabled microphones.

The adjacent kitchen can be accessed via the serving hatch or doorway, providing the additional facility if catering is required.


 Main Hall with seats laid out for conference